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Important Facts About Car Magnet Printing

Car magnet on a blue car

Car magnets are now becoming a popular and effective method of advertising. Many businesses are using car magnets to promote their products and services and reach a wider audience.

If you are considering using car magnets to advertise your company’s offers, here are a few facts you should know first.

Car Magnets with Rounded Corners Are More Aerodynamic

If you are looking for a printing company to print car magnets for your business, make sure they sell car magnets with rounded corners. These types of car magnets are more aerodynamic and have a better chance of staying on the vehicle instead of flying off when air catches the corners of the magnets.

After you receive your car magnets, ensure that they are flat before applying them to the surface of a vehicle. Otherwise, they might fall off the car due to high winds. It’s better to clean the back of the car magnet so no dust particles or dirt might cause the magnet to fall off.

Lastly, you should also apply the car magnets on the flat surface of a vehicle and avoid any areas that are unsmooth, curved, trimmed, or creased.

The Most Popular Size for Car Magnets Is 12 By 24 Inches

Did you know that most businesses that order car magnets for cars typically choose a size of 12 by 24 inches? However, if you are ordering a car magnet for a larger type of car, such as an SUV, a van, or a truck, it’s better to go with a bigger size, such as 18 by 24 inches.

Ideally, you should measure the area of the vehicle where you intend to apply the car magnet so that you can order the correct sizes.

Oval car magnets on a car-s windshield

Car Magnets Are the Most Effective Form of Advertising

Recent surveys have shown that approximately 90% of people remember the catchy phrases and logos they see on cars. Also, about 70% of people say that the marketing signs placed on vehicles help them develop a first impression of a business.

Hence, car magnets are an effective method of advertising and reaching a large number of people. They increase brand awareness and get the message across to the audience in a cost-effective manner.

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