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Choosing the Right Large Paper Posters for A Trade Show

A very crowded tradeshow with lots of booths

Tradeshows present the perfect opportunity for a business to promote itself. But while your business is in the spotlight, so are all the others with their booths set up, all ready to compete.

In this highly competitive environment, the only way to really stand out is through innovative trade show displays and pull-up banners, and large paper posters specially designed for trade shows.

So how are paper posters for a trade show any different?

Colors That Pop Out

In a sea of similar posters, banners, and displays, your large paper poster needs to stand out. No matter how amazing the content on your poster is, it’s pointless in dull colors. People walking into the trade show will never make it to the amazing text unless the colors draw them towards it.

The goal is to select colors that will not look too busy on the posters. They should pop out enough to draw in people but should also not take attention away from what the poster actually says. Moreover, pick colors that look aesthetic, not just eye-piercingly sharp.

Easy Readability

It’s also important to not sway too far away from the purpose of the poster, which is essentially to convey relevant information. In a busy trade show, nobody has the time to make out what’s written with small and complex fonts. Make sure the text is clear and to the point.

The banner itself should also be big enough to accommodate a large enough font without making it all look too crammed. Test out the poster to see if it’s readable from a distance. Go with a less is more formula and keep it simple.

A vibrant, mounted poster

A Design That Stands Out

While the colors will of course catch people’s eyes, you want to hold their attention too. To do that you need to choose a thought-provoking design. Choose graphics that will speak louder than words.

The design needs to be engaging and of great quality. For this, you need to make sure it’s high resolution. And since you’re promoting your business, you don’t want to look too tacky. You want the design to look impressive and expensive without actually costing too much.

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