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How to Promote Social Distancing in Schools


With the new year coming up, schools are involved in the preparation of keeping premises COVID-19 free.

All educational institutions are afraid that the previous record of coronavirus cases after reopening of schools doesn’t repeat itself.

Schools are looking for effective social distancing strategies to make sure students follow SOPs to the maximum level. They need to make sure they’re practicing social distancing throughout the spaces inside the school from the bus area and washroom to the playground and classrooms.

Following are some ideas that schools can use to promote social distancing:

Social Distancing Banners

The simplest yet effective method to practice social distancing in school is to put up social distancing banners on walls, 6 feet social distancing floor decals, or social distancing posters and signs.

This will reinforce the idea in people’s minds which will eventually become a habit. Besides that, it’ll be useful to spread awareness for any newcomer entering the school.

Social Distancing Buses

To make sure students don’t catch the virus, it’s important to focus on disinfecting the commute of students. Besides wearing a mask and using sanitizer, it’s important to sit at a distance from the driver and on alternate seats from the other passenger.

Hallway Limitations

To make sure school hallways aren’t crowded, assign specific entrance, and exit doors along with different arrival and departure timing. These are two of the most efficient techniques to prevent large crowd gatherings in school hallways.

A drawing for social distancing banners

Practice a Hybrid Model of Education

In case you don’t have enough space to accommodate all the students in a classroom along with alternative seating, try practicing a hybrid model of education.

This will not only help keep the school environment safe but it’ll also reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreading. Having limited students at school at one time will make social distancing manageable.

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