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Easy Ways to Make Your Flyer Stand Out of The Crowd

A few winning examples of impactful flyers.

Anyone can create a flyer using some basic knowledge of designing and photoshop tools.

However, creating an impactful flyer that drives sales is another ballgame altogether. When used correctly, flyers are one of the most convenient and affordable marketing tools. They help you pass on important information to your potential customers and add to their brand awareness.

Here is how you can make the most out of your flyer.

Focus on the layout.

Your flyer should neither be overcrowded or undercrowded with graphics. The key is to strike the right balance between graphics, wall-to-wall text, and white spaces. This will accentuate the important design elements and make the flyer easy to read. Use contrasting and striking colors and organize the text with borders and boxes.

The colors should be consistent with your brand image. If you’re a pharmaceutical business that manufactures medicines for tuberculosis, bold colors like red and black won’t make much sense. Subtle, sophisticated and professional color scheme would be a better fit. Think through your choices.

For better readability, you can also align the items in the flyer within a grid. One large and prominent image is always better than using multiple small images. A single stunning image can quickly become the flyer’s focal point and grasp the reader’s attention from a distance. The internet is full of free and paid, high-quality stock images to support your content.

A few winning examples of impactful flyers.

The text matters.

A flyer always carries a message. Highlighting your product/service’s benefits could be a great idea. While you’re at it, avoid long paragraphs and use lists, bullet points, and small boxes. Try to include words like New, Save, Results Guaranteed, Complementary, and Free. These work as a great incentive for most customers. Make the message as customer-centric as you can. Instead of using We/I, focus on words like You/Your. Make sure you get a proficient individual to proofread the text and verify all the information.

The headline should particularly be snappy. Try to include words that are provocative, impactful, and powerful. To add a sense of urgency, words like Now You Can, Discover, Finally Available, and Proven Benefits can really help.

Here’s a winning tip: Add a coupon on the bottom of the flyer. You can mention any limitations and terms/conditions associated with the offer on the back of the coupon.

Invest in Hiring A Good Printing Company.

The quality of the printing material matters just as much as the content. Other than flyers, a good company will always offer a variety of printing mediums to suit your business needs, including retractable banner printing & stands mounted posters, adhesive vinyl, floor graphics, and decals. If you’re getting flyers printed for a trade show, we also recommend investing in backdrop adjustable stands and popup displays. 

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