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5 Tips to Improve Your Poster and Banner Designs

Possibilities for a creative poster are endless no matter what type of business you own.

Businesses invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into branding and developing content that aligns with their image. It’s an important aspect of developing a virtual presence and one that is important to focus on.

When it comes to branding materials such as custom wall covering printing, posters, flyers, and more, it’s crucial to pay close attention to the design. You’d be surprised at how much the design affects peoples’ responses, preferences, and interest in your business, so here are some tips on improving it:

1. Focus on readability

Readability is extremely important because posters are meant to share important information about your business, project, event, or whatever it is designed for. Ensure that even from a distance, people are able to read the display clearly. This means whether the poster is up on Instagram or displayed at a trade show; people don’t need to struggle to consume the information on it.

2. Stick to necessary information

Speaking of information, you should stick to the basics and share only necessary details. This doesn’t mean you refrain from sharing anything beyond contact information or date and time, but instead that you develop contacts that is engaging, witty, concise, and fit well. Leave room for negative space on your poster and allow people to absorb the information the text provides.

Any design you use should be representative of your business, from the values to the work.

3. Play with contrast and color

Visuals are key to quality poster design, and it’s only befitting that you borrow from design elements and play with color when it comes to it. Again, focus on playing with shadow, color, and contrast, in order to create a design that is appealing, aesthetic, and makes one stop and look. Depending on your brand’s colors, you can borrow elements of design that compliment that, blend with it, or offer a stark contrast. This works exceptionally well because contrast helps direct viewers towards the most important elements, and you stand to benefit from adding more to your project.

4. Visualize the display and use

Your poster’s design will ultimately depend on its application. If you’d like to create a mounted poster for an event or trade show, the design and placement of elements such as the CTA will vary, from, let’s say, a display at your own store. These historic posters have a clear CTA in each of them and can be used as a reference point.

5. Create multiple versions of it

This is one of the most important aspects of poster design! Scalability is crucial for quality printing and display. You don’t want to invest in printing a large retractable banner printing & stands, only for it to be highly pixelated and fuzzy, do you? We suggest consulting with our team before finalizing dimensions and sizing for your display. Reach out to us today!

We’d love to help you with any type of poster design and display and offer a range of products and print services to clients across NYC. Register with us and get a custom quote on a poster design of your choice here.