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Large Magnet Printing helps to promote your Business

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In today’s highly-competitive business environment, distinctly unique marketing materials enable you to stand apart from your competitors and pique the interest of current and potential customers. Promoting your business can be expensive and time consuming. However, one way to get your business message out to the masses are magnetic car, truck or vehicle signs. Turn your car or truck into an instant billboard for your business. It’s an inexpensive alternative to applying a vinyl wrap to your car and you can remove it and reposition as needed.
Advertising is the backbone for success of any business. Especially in today’s time when competition has skyrocketed, creating effective awareness of a business has become even more important. There are many advertising channels available today, some are expansive and some are affordable. Conventional radio and newspaper print ads are most common, but the prices of these channels are out of the reach of small business owners at time. So how does a small business entrepreneur expand their customer base in local area, without putting undue pressure on their wallet? There are quite a few options for local advertising, one of which is magnetic truck signs, which is effective, with high local exposure and less expansive.

Magnetic vehicle signs can be used on metal doors, refrigerators, and everywhere where magnet can be accepted, a good simple solution on signs that needs to be frequently changed. This services known as Large Magnet printing Services.’s custom magnetic signs are a real deal for temporary advertising on cars, trucks and buses. Magnetic vehicle signs are mostly used on front doors, but hey! You can place it anywhere you like on your vehicle. A typical magnetic vehicle signs format contains, your logo, service offered, and sale slogan with your contact information. Good thing is that it can be reused many times without ruining the paint of the vehicle.

Mega format Inc. uses high quality magnets that holds up even when the vehicle is in motion on smooth or tough terrains. To order simply upload your artwork, containing your logo, short service message and your contact information and we’ll print it to perfection. All our signs are simple and lay flat across the door or on the back of the car.

While your printed magnet from Mega Format is hanging around, make it special and memorable. Special effects like rounded corners as well as different sizes and custom shapes are available. Make your message stick with our custom business magnet printing options.  We offer large magnet printing in custom shapes for Trucks, Cars and Vans, Promote your business as you drive. Changeable Menu boards and door signs, Order your printing requirements through our online portal upload your custom artwork and get printed product at your door step across USA. Order online or call us for assistance: 718-855-2627. Mail us for custom quote at